How many TAGs come with the GAME GOLF product?

18 tags come with the purchase of the GAME GOLF device. 14 club specific tags (Driver, Putter, 4-9 Irons, 3 Wood, Hybrid, Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, and Lob Wedge). Additionally, we provide 4 extra tags for any additional or speciality clubs you may have in your bag. These tags are labeled as Star, Diamond, Triangle, and Circle. For example purposes, if you have a 3 iron, you can assign one of the four extra tags as your 3 iron in your online golf bag. To do so, click the + button on your online golf bag page, label the club type, and drag the unused tag of your choice over to the newly created tag. Finally, screw that tag into your club. 

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