How do I add a tag for a club that did not come in the set?

When we made the set of 18 tags, we expected each player to have at most 14 clubs in use (per USGA rules). After careful research we found the 14 most used clubs in a player's bag and designed the tags based off of those findings. There are often cases of players with an unusual club such as 4 wood, 5 wood, extra hybrids, etc that do not come with pre set tag in the box. Because of this, we have provided 4 extra tags in your box that can be edited to fit your specific club.

To set up a custom tag for a club (we'll use a 5 wood for example purposes):

- Login to
- Scroll over to the down arrow on the top right of the screen and click on the arrow
- Click "My Golf Bag" 
- Click the "+" circle to add a new club
- Select your club type (wood), and select the sub type as (5 wood),
- Select your club's manufacturer and model
- Click "Save" to create the new club (you will now have an open tag in the 5 wood slot) 
- Choose from the extra custom tags and drag the tag to the empty 5 wood slot

If you have a club model that is not listed, please select "Other" from the drop down menu and manually type in your club's model. By manually typing it in, it will function the exact same if you were to select a pre-existing model from the selection. 

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