What happens after I sign my round?

Every round you upload to the GAME GOLF platform is marked as "Unsigned" which is a mode that lets you edit shots as needed. We give you the ability to add shots that you missed tags for, change clubs if you accidentally tagged with the wrong club, add penalty strokes to shots hit OB or into hazards, and also delete shots that do not belong on your round. 

Once you sign your round, GAME GOLF processes the data through our advanced stats calculator and prepares your round for viewing, sharing, and comparing with other golfers that you follow. The "Club Performance" section for all of your shot distance trends is located on your profile page, so click on your name in the top right corner to begin analyzing that data. Furthermore, our "Analysis" section will give you shot tendency trends from various distances, lies, and courses. For more information on the "Analysis" section, please click HERE. Once you sign your round, you won't be able to edit any of the holes, so please make sure everything is correct and reflective of your round before signing. 

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