Club Performance: Shot Distances

Knowing and being able to view the distances that you hit your clubs is one of the most powerful insights into your game. Having the yardage to the target is helpful while you are playing, but until you know how far you hit your clubs, that kind of information is useless. Our "Club Performance" section will help you to hone in on your distances to ultimately hit more greens and shave strokes off your game.

We provide you with an aggregate collection of all the shots that you have recorded with the device for each club in your bag, as well as a low, average, and high for each club. GAME GOLF automatically filters out punch shots and poorly hit shots from your "Club Performance", provided that you have recorded multiple shots with that particular club. A club's typical distance represents approximately how many yards a 90-95% swing would yield under typical conditions. To find your "Club Performance" section, please click your name in the top right corner and look to the right side of the page. 


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