What can I do with the GAME GOLF mobile app?

To view a round, it must be uploaded to a computer before it can be viewed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod app.  We do not provide wireless upload via Bluetooth to your phone, but instead, we provide a USB cable that you can connect to your Mac or PC computer to upload your rounds. Once a round is uploaded to your computer, you can view all of your stats and data on our GAME GOLF website or our mobile app.

We provide the same data, stats, distances, and analysis on our mobile app as we do on the GAME GOLF website.  Furthermore, you can also review your rounds, edit strokes, and sign rounds using your mobile device after they have been uploaded to your computer.

GAME GOLF is cloud-based, which means that once you upload your round of golf to your computer, the stats, data, and shots can be viewed from any of your internet connected devices.  

Download the mobile iOS app for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod HERE 
Download the mobile Android app HERE

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