How does it know where the ball is?

Every time you tag a shot during your pre-shot routine on the course, our system recognizes your exact geographical location. By tagging every shot during your round, we are able to determine that you hit a driver from the first teebox 250 yards into the rough, and from there hit an 8 iron onto the green and two putted.

Our mapping team "Geofences" each course which means they take an overhead view of a course and draw outlines on every tee box, fairway, bunker, green, hazard, etc. Geofencing allows us to give you stats on your round based on where you tag each shot you hit. If you tag a shot in the rough, we know that you missed the fairway on that particular hole and will deduct that from your total fairways hit stats.

Without Geofencing your course, we won't able to generate stats and distances from your round, so if you play a local course, make sure it is mapped and ready for play by using our Find-a-Course tool at

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