Are the club tags & device waterproof?

The GAME GOLF club tags are waterproof and can withstand virtually any temperature conditions (within reason).  We designed the tags to be very durable to withstand bouncing in a golf bag and the "accidental" club toss across the fairway.     

The device is "Splash Proof" which will be fine during light to moderate rain. Additionally, the tags are water-resistant and are very durable for everyday wear and tear. We have conducted various strength tests on our tags to ensure that they are virtually indestructible.

If you happen to play a round during very rainy conditions, we suggest you cover the device under a rain jacket or in a protective water-proof pocket. The device works off of Near Field Communication (NFC) so you can hover each tag within half-inch of the bottom of the device and it will tag properly if placed under a jacket or in a water proof pocket/pouch. 

If the device is dropped in water, please turn the device off and submerge it into a bowl of rice immediately. After a day in the rice, place it near a window with direct sunlight to allow it to warm up and continually dry out. If neither of these work to bring your device back to life, please email us here.

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