How do I charge the device?

Before using GAME GOLF for the first time, you must charge the device. A full charge provides 10 hours of usage and can take up to 3 hours to achieve. The glowing red light indicates the device is charging, and the light will change to green when the device is fully charged.

There are several ways to charge the GAME GOLF device:

1.  Plug into a computer using the USB cable that came in the GAME GOLF device box

2.  Use the USB cable that came with your device and plug it into a charging wall port that comes with an Apple or Android Device.
3.The GAME GOLF product was designed with an interference fit for some USB cables. In fact, the cable we supply has a custom housing on the micro-USB end (it's molded thinner than most cables). Some USB cables have housings that are large and the connector will not mate fully. It may plug in part way but not far enough to make the proper connection.

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