Calculating average score to a par other than 72?

The Average Score has now been changed to represent your over/under score from a baseline of an 18-hole par-72 course. If the par of the courses you've played differs significantly from 72, you'll see a change in your average score
Here are some examples:
(1) If a golfer consistently scores 80 on an 18-hole par-70 course, then their average score will be 82.
(2) If a golfer consistently scores 39 on a 9-hole par-30 course, then their average score will be 90.

The formula we are using is:
72 + (average number of strokes over par per hole) * 18

The reason behind this is to level the playing field within the platform for users who play courses with a different par (par 3 and executive courses with par 54 or greater would affect your scoring average if we didn't normalize to a par of 72).

For those golfers who only play on par 72 golf courses, your average score will remain the same.

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