What do I do if the Round Upload Software does not accept my login credentials?

If you are able to log in to your profile through the website at www.gamegolf.com/login, but cannot log in to the GAME GOLF Transfer Application Software (receiving the error message below), please check for any anti-virus software on your computer.

If you have an anti-virus software like Norton, check to see if it's firewall is blocking the Round Upload Software from accessing the internet.

Go to your Norton Anti-Virus settings, and search for "GAME GOLF" in a web access/firewall section. If you see the Round Upload Software appear, it likely says "Blocked." You will need to change that to "Allow".

If all your Anti-Virus software has been disabled, please be sure to disable any remaining firewalls that may be blocking the Transfer App from accessing the internet.

Finally, make sure this isn't a network issue by trying to log in to the Transfer App software while connected to a different network. Or, try to log in to the Transfer App software from a different computer on the same network.

If you're still having difficulty logging in, please email us here with your computer's operating system and the relevant details of your computer.

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