Forget to Tag? Shot Detection will pick up the Shot

The GAME GOLF tracking device is able to automatically detect most swings taken from outside the green, based on the motion of your hips. This means that if you forget to tag a shot during the round, in most cases GAME GOLF can show where you took the swing and simply prompt you to assign a club to that shot.

When reviewing your round, each detected shot will be highlighted in the shot panel and displayed on the hole map as an orange diamond. You will need to either assign a club to or delete any extraneous detected shots. However, if you are certain that you tagged every shot, you can hide all detected shots and sign the round without them.

Each hole that is highlighted in the score card means there is a shot detected that was not tagged on the course.  Before signing your round, it is required to visit each highlighted hole to verify the detected shot.  

During editing you will see a shot that was detected even though you did not tag (Shot Labeled as Diamond).  You can edit the club hit from that location or delete the shot all together if needed.  


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