2nd Set of Club Tags

Extra sets of tags are available for purchase in the United States only at the moment.  To purchase the 2nd set visit www.gmglf.com/2ndset

If you have already used the 4 spare tags (Diamond, Star, Circle, Triangle) that came with the GAME GOLF set, you can purchase any specific individual tag needed HERE

A 2nd set of tags allows a friend or family member to use your device to track their round - it is also perfect to use for a 2nd set of clubs you own.  Only one person can use the GAME GOLF belt clip device during a round.  If a friend uses your device, they must login to their own GAME GOLF account when uploading their round.

IMPORTANT:  You must upload your rounds to your account before giving the belt clip device to a friend.  If you do not upload your rounds before giving to a friend, the rounds will be uploaded together into one person's account.   


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