Counter Balance Putter: Tag Entry

For this process, we recommend Scotch 3M Extreme Mounting Tape, which can be purchased HERE or HERE

Step 1: Use hand cutters to cut the screw thread off as close as possible to the flat surface of the tag.

Step 2: Use a hand file or sand paper to remove the extra screw plastic so the surface is flat.

Step 3: Attach the tag to a piece of Scotch 3M Extreme Mounting Tape.  Press the tag down firmly so the tape adhesive contacts all surfaces of the bottom of the tag.  Note: the other side of the tape has the red plastic adhesive cover.  Do not remove that at this time.

Step 4: Use hand scissors to cut the excess tape around the tag.
Step 5: Remove the red adhesive cover on the tape and stick it to the grip.  Press in place to make good contact to all surfaces of the grip end.
Step 6: Play golf!

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