When to "Tag" a shot during your routine

We've found that there are many places in your pre-shot routine to mark or "tag" each shot, but we've found it to be easiest to mark your shot as soon as you step up to the ball.  You can tag the shot before or after you hit the ball, all that matters is that you tag in close proximity to where your ball was hit as this is where we will mark each shot.  The tag initiates your routine and helps you focus on the shot at hand.  

For tee shots we've added snap to tee functionality which means you can tag in the rough just outside of your teebox and the shot will be marked on the teebox you hit from, just make sure to be close to the position you tee off from and the shot position will be accurate to within a couple yards.

For putting we've found it to be best to tag you shot upon marking your ball or fixing a divot.  You are able to add putts in after each hole is played by clicking the +/- buttons.  We don't measure putting distances but will show putting statistics based on the number of putts you hit to get the most accurate info you will want to tag the first shot hit onto the green so the previous shot's distance is correct and then add putts whenever you like whether it is before or after your other shots.  

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