Is my Course Setup on GAME GOLF?

Visit to verify your course is ready for play.  

If the course is not ready click "Request a Course" and it will be added within 2-5 days by our mapping team - 
You will be notified by email when your course is ready.  

To receive stats on your round, the course you play has to be mapped by our team before you start your round.  Game Golf has over 40,000+ courses mapped for play. Our mapping team "Geofences" each course which means they take an overhead view of a course and draw outlines on every tee box, fairway, bunker, green, hazard, etc. Geofencing allows us to give you stats on your round based on where you hit each shot. For example, we will know if you are two yards in the rough and can therefore say you missed the fairway. 

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