Handicap: Everything to know

-How many rounds / holes before I get a Handicap?
You'll need a minimum of 30 holes played, signed (public or private) and included in your stats before you receive a Handicap. It will become more accurate over time. Rounds that are "Exclued from Stats" are not included into your handicap.

-Is Handicap visible in the app?
Handicap is currently only visible on the website - it will be shortly incorporated into the mobile apps.
- What happens if I publish a round and then edit my score?
If you publish a new score your handicap will be adjusted based on your latest score. Editing or unsigning rounds takes it out of your handicap calculation.

- How is the GAME GOLF handicap calculated?
We have a vast data set for users who have played a large number of rounds and can be identified as scratch players (average normalized score of 70-75).  So we are using this as a benchmark baseline to estimate a player's handicap.
From Game Golf scratch players (which act as the benchmark group), we first discover how these players score (average number of strokes) on holes of a certain yardage* (yardage is from first tee shot to the pin location).  Then we aggregate all the scores from the holes played from all of these players and bucket them into 5-meter intervals using holes 60 meters and up to 600 meters.  Meters are converted into yards when needed.  
To calculate a handicap, we then apply the same principles to a player of interest and getting their average number of strokes played for each of those hole distance buckets.  We then collect the difference between that player and GAME GOLF's Scratch players, and then find the collective average.

- Is the GAME GOLF handicap an official handicap index of any golf association such as the USGA?
No.  The game golf handicap system is not an official handicap for any golf association.  The GAME GOLF handicap provides a uniform handicap that can be applied globally regardless of region and local association rules.  
- Are there any fees associated with a GAME GOLF handicap?
No, it’s free.
- What's the difference between the USGA's handicap and GAME GOLF's?  
Besides being similar in terms of a stroke-count representation of how well a golfer performs with respect to typical scratch golfers, the main difference is that GG Handicap doesn’t use the course/slope ratings against a players score.  GG Handicap uses the actual yardage played for each hole from their tagged tee positions to the middle of the green, with dog-legs factored into the equation according to the design of the hole.
- What does GAME GOLF use the handicap for?  
It’s a pivotal fulcrum to many upcoming social features to level the playing field for Net Score Challenges.
- How does it work for par 3 courses?  I play a local par three where all the holes are under 100 yards, will this have an impact on my handicap?
It depends on how well you play those holes under a 100-yards/meters against the average score of scratch players that also play holes of those yardages.  This is no different with any other hole lengths you play.  The handicap measures how you fare versus a scratch player.

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