Clubs with Weights in butt end

The GAME GOLF tags require of the hole at the end of your grip to screw in. I've found that other players with weights in the end of their grips have done well to cut off the screw and glue to the end of the grip - they have reported the tag to stay on after gluing as well. Our hardware team came up with list of best practices on how to glue the tag to the end of a grip with counterweights or something blocking the grip hole. This article will give you a step by step approach of how to make it work. 

‚ÄčThe other option would be to keep the tag loose in your pocket, and tag it when you are standing at the ball (the tag doesn't need to be fixed on the club in order to use it). I have a ball picker at the end of my putter, and keep the tag in my pocket until I need it. If it's only one club you can't put the tag on, it's no problem to make sure you use the right tag.

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