Chips and short shots in Club distance Averages

Question:   How does GameGolf distinguish between a chip with a wedge/iron and a full shot with the same club? For example: If you chip for 20 yards with a pitching wedge, then on the next hole hit your pitching wedge from 120 yards to the green.  Also, will short chips bring down the average distance of the club used when the average distance is calculated?

Answer:  The system has a new feature called shot detection which is able to measure hip movement and figure out what consists as a full swing, half swing, etc. That said, the way we determine your club performance to calculate a "typical" distance we can associate for each club. This calculation is a proprietary technology we've built but after 4-5 rounds it effectively eliminates all outliers from a typical distance pattern taking out all chips and longer than expected shots. 

Your first couple rounds you may find that specific clubs seem to have shorter typical distances than expected but this is because we simply do not have enough club distance shots to determine which shots are outliers and which should be calculated into your typical distance which is why we suggest best results are found after 5 rounds. 

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