Hybrids that replace 4 and 5 irons

Question:  I do not have 4 or 5 irons but have hybrids instead. Do I use the additional tags or can I edit the 4 and 5 iron tags to get the correct clubs in my bag.

Answer:  You have two options here, and they both depend on your personal preference. You can either use the 4 and 5 iron tags for the hybrids that are in place of those irons in your bag, or you can use the spare tags (diamond, triangle, etc) that come in the box and mark them as Hybrid in your online golf bag. 

Either way it won't affect anything besides the name and how it looks, so it is completely up to you on what option you'd like to take. If it were me, I would use the spare tags because I'd prefer it to say 4 Hybrid or 5 Hybrid in the club performance section (instead of 4/5 irons). Both options are very quick on your end as well, hope this was helpful!

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