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In listening to thorough feedback from our users we are extremely excited to announce GAME GOLF LIVE functionality.  

While we will continue to support GAME GOLF CLASSIC with its current feature set (including strokes gained), only the GAME GOLF LIVE device has the ability to receive real-time features. This is because the LIVE device has Bluetooth hardware technology built into the device (which isn’t included in the CLASSIC device). To get the real-time features you will need to purchase a LIVE device.  

Below are several clarification points we'd like to make regarding the newly released LIVE device.  

We’ll continue to support GAME GOLF CLASSIC users and will also provide all other features that aren’t bluetooth related, this will include Strokes Gained analysis features. The Strokes Gained feature will be released by the end of 2015.

For existing CLASSIC device owners, you should have received a customer loyalty email with instructions on how to purchase the GAME GOLF LIVE at 50% discount (if you did not receive the email make sure to check your spam folder of the email account you provided when creating your GAME GOLF profile).

Users who decide to upgrade to LIVE can give their CLASSIC device to a friend without any setup on their end.  The device doesn't know who you are until you plug it into a computer and login with your GAME GOLF login credentials.  The device does not store information on who uses it so this means you could use the device today and give it to a friend tomorrow and they could give it to a friend the next day without any hassle.  They would simply play their round of golf and then login to their account upon uploading a round and it will publish to their account as expected.  

Your existing GAME GOLF tags that came with CLASSIC will work with the new LIVE device.  There isn't a way to purchase just the device, but you could use the tags that come with the LIVE device as spares or you could put them on an extra set of clubs/give the tags to a friend to use your device if you choose. 

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