Factory Reset LIVE Device

If you have the GAME GOLF LIVE device, please follow the steps below for a factory reset.
Note: There is no factory reset option for the GAME GOLF Classic device.

Some example reasons to perform a factory reset:
- Giving device to a new user (family member, friend, or sold to new user)
- Remove all previously stored information on the device
- Received a new phone and need to re-pair

Option 1
To factory reset within the App while connected to Bluetooth

   1. Tap on the "MORE" tab (iOS) or the menu icon in the top right (Android)
   2. Tap on "Settings" at the bottom 
   3. Tap on "Connected to GAME [Device ID #]" at the top 
   4. You should have a screen with a picture of the red device. Tap on "Support" 
   5. Tap on "Factory Reset" 
   6. In the phone OS Settings go to Bluetooth, select the GAME [Device ID #] device, and "Forget" the device 

Option 2
To factory reset within the Transfer Application software while connected to computer 
   1. If it's not already installed, download the "Transfer Application" (http://www.gamegolf.com/downloads) 
   2. Make sure to select the downloaded package and install the software

  Start here if Transfer Application is already installed on computer 
   3. Plug in the device and log in to the Transfer Application pop up

   4. Click on the red arrow on the left of the screen to reveal Device Info
   5. Click on the "Factory Reset" button 
   6. From the paired phone, within phone OS Settings go to Bluetooth, select the GAME [Device ID #] device, and "Forget" the device 

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