You will be directed to pair each club individually - you can select which club you want to pair in the app by tapping the icon of each tag. Remove only the club you are pairing from your bag, pair it to your phone using GAME GOLF divot tool and return it to your bag.

Repeat this process for every club you have selected.

NOTE: Make sure GAME GOLF logo on divot tool is facing down against the top the tag. The magnet on the divot tool triggers pairing


• Pair Clubs in a well-lit space - day light works best. Indoor lights will not trigger the sensor's.

• Pair only one club at a time, with all other clubs in your bag

• Hold magnet against tag for 10-15 seconds

• If a tag is not pairing try shaking back and forth for 5 seconds - this motion will wake the tag up

• If no tags are pairing, try resetting Bluetooth on your mobile phone

• If you see the “Failure” error message, please reboot/restart your phone.

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