GPS location

The GPS location comes from the medallion so it’s best to keep it clipped on your belt.

Putting tips

The putter algorithm by design is extra sensitive in order to pick up tap-ins and short putts. Excessive handling or dropping your putter when not taking a putting stroke may result in a falsely detected putt.

Don’t drop your clubs

Avoid dropping your clubs or hitting it against a hard surface as this may result in a falsely detected shot.

Mulligans & additional practice shots

If you take a mulligan off tee or an additional practice shot. Our algorithms will only count this as one shot as long as you are inside 10m radius and take the shot within 75 seconds. Otherwise, a second shot will be recorded.

Keep your clubs upside down (Sleep Mode)

Try to keep your clubs upside down when carrying clubs. Avoid carry multiple clubs in your hands as they may trigger falsely detected shots if the clubs are bumping together.

Phone battery

If you’re playing a 18 hole round you need about 25-40% of phone battery depending on usage in-round.

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