Don't forget to update PRO to

PRO will arrive with factory firmware, tap on Playing with PRO then update firmware.

GPS location

The GPS location comes from the medallion so it’s best to keep it clipped on your belt. Only attach to the belt when the red light goes off.

Putting tips

If you are warming up on the practice green we recommend keeping PRO off.

The putter sensor will turn off to preserve the battery.

Mulligans & additional practice shots

If you take a mulligan off tee or an additional practice shot. Our algorithms will only count this as one shot as long as you are inside 10m radius and take the shot within 75 seconds. Otherwise, a second shot will be recorded.

Keep your clubs in the bag when not in use.

On the range it's best to keep them in the bag while not in use.

Phone battery

If you’re playing a 18 hole round you need about 25-40% of phone battery depending on usage in-round.

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