Live Leaderboard allows you to instantly record every shot taken by you and your golfing buddies and electronically track your scores in some of the most popular game formats.

You can start a Live Leaderboard in the round setup.

Simply invite your friends, select your game format/teams and start your round.

You may select your GAME TYPE below.

After the other golfers accept the in-app invite they can start playing their round with their GAME GOLF device or the App.

At the end of each hole, players can pull up the Live Leaderboard on the App to see everyone’s scores, automatically tracked and updated as they move through the course, along with all the stats on their own shots.

You can access the Live Leaderboard at any time during your round by simply selecting the “GAME” button at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: Internet required for Live Leaderboard

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