A factory reset will forgot all pairings and device data. There are two ways to factory reset a medallion.

Software reset

A factory reset can be performed in the app by navigating to PRO device settings and doing the following:

1. Go to ”ME” tab

2. Open “Settings”

3. Tap on ”PRO” (PRO is turned on)

4. Click “Unpair”

Hard reset

A hard reset can be performed by doing the following:

1. While holding down the power button, press the reset button (note: the reset button can be accessed by inserting a pin or paperclip into the tiny circular hole above the micro-usb port) and the red light should start flashing.

2. Continue to hold down the power button then release the pin. Wait until a solid red light comes on, then release the power button.

3: Finally long press the power button for a green light.

4. The factory reset is complete when you see the ”disco“ lights on the medallion.

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