The shot detection algorithms are continuously being refined and improved. If your tags don’t have the latest firmware, update it as soon as possible for the best user experience. There are two methods for updating the firmware.

Manual Process

To manually update the firmware you need to go to the Tag Manager. You can access your Tag Manager by doing the following:

1. Go to ”ME” tab

2. Open “Settings”

3. Tap on ”PRO”

4. Click “Tag Manager”

Select the tag you wish to update and press the “Update Firmware” button. Hold the divot tool against tag to trigger the update. The update takes 1-3 minutes to complete.

Automatic Process

The tags will automatically update on the course as you play too. The new tag firmware is stored on the medallion as part of the medallion update. The tags will then update the next time you take a shot. Again, it takes 1-3 minutes to update.

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